KLM Open, an annual golf tournament played in the Netherlands, part of the European Tour. Is exists since 1912 as the Dutch Open, but has had different sponsors. KLM is the current one. The concept is aimed at the heritage of the tournament and it has a focus on the players and the 18 holes.

The tournament isn’t only about the sport. It’s also about the experience, food, dinner, meeting people, meeting the golf pros and discovering the fun of the sport. When you visit the tournament, you’re emerged into the sport, and the website should be a preview of that.


High level concept

  • KLM Open - Homepage - interaction design
  • KLM Open - History - interaction design
  • KLM Open - news page - interaction design

Detailed interaction of the 18 holes component, including historical and technical information for each hole, a map and even a flyover video.
KLM Open - About KLM Open interaction details - interaction design