IATA, the International Air Transport Association, is there to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. So their main concern are the airlines. But this was the first project that actually services consumers. Great to be part of this IATA Travel Centre project. The goal is to inform people about passport, visa and health regulations, before they go on a trip by entering personal data and information about your stay. You could also find other interesting facts and figures about the destination country; currency, tax and customs rules.

We added a little tagline ‘Know before you go, or they will say no’, and linked to videos of airport TV shows. The shows, very popular at that time, had people that were not allowed to get out or into a country because of some kind of regulation. And that’s what we wanted to prevent you from.


  • IATA Travel Centre - know, before you go - interaction design
  • IATA Travel Centre - form: enter your travel information - interaction design
  • IATA Travel Centre - visa and health advice - interaction design


Visual design

IATA Travel Centre - visual design