An e-learning portal for Malmberg, a publisher of educational books for primary and secondary education. The portal is a way to support the books and add extra assignments and tests. It also supports features like an agenda, news messages and personalized curriculum for every student.

The initial concept was done by a small agile team doing scrum sprint 0. I eventually detailed the different states of each component and did the functional design.


Homepage: login to the e-learning portal

Malmberg - homepage - interaction design

The personal dashboard of each student, focusing on the agenda.

  • Malmberg - Lesmanager overview - interaction design
  • Malmberg - Lesmanager agenda - interaction design

The pages when logged in as a teacher, with the ability to change the content of the e-learning portal, including the curriculum for each year, group of personalized for a specific student.

  • Malmberg - teacher dashboard - interaction design
  • Malmberg - teacher leerroute manager - interaction design