De wereld van ikki is a startup within USG People, a provider of employment services in Europe. USG People felt it needed more online presence, since any other competitor had online portals, while USG People didn’t. The initial assignment was to make a website that was a combination of LinkedIn, a job board, a social network and psychological tests. But in the course of time this focus of the concept has continuously changed.
We started of as a job board but changed into a community that offered inspiration and coaching for people to discover what they wanted with their career and to eventually switch careers. De wereld van ikki offered the tools to help you: visual CV, the career navigator, workbook with career coaching and ikki for freelancers.

Since we were a startup we had a very small team: editors, a strategist, a program manager, a community manager, a weddeveloper and myself as a creative. So I had the opportunity to not only do interaction design, but also to do visual design, graphic design online and offline and even a little software development. Practice what you preach; I did exactly what de wereld van ikki learned others to do.


Career navigator

The career navigator is a tool to plan your career, find the right job opportunities and meet others who can help you. Based on all the profiles on we were able to advise you on what could be your next career move, and to connect you to the people that already had that career.
Finally, when you viewed another profile, we would compare your personality, character, training and experience with the other person. Which would give a good indication of the probability of you getting the same career as the other person.

  • ikki career navigator - start - interaction design
  • ikki career navigator - your current job title - interaction design
  • ikki career navigator - your next job opportunity - interaction design
  • ikki career navigator - career goal - interaction design
  • ikki career navigator - others than can help you - interaction design
  • ikki career navigator - compare what you have in common with others - interaction design


Workbook with career coaching

The workbook is a way to discover what you really want. So you are a project manager? If you would follow your heart, than perhaps you would be much happier being the hostess of your own bed and breakfast in France. To discover this, you can do psychological tests, get personal advice from coaches and do several different assignments that would help you get there.

The main page, the dashboard, of the workbook is a collage, you would update to present the insights you discover in the assignments. The first thing to do to reach your goal is to let others know. You could do that by visualizing it. And that would be shown on your profile page.


  • ikki workbook - overview - interaction design
  • ikki workbook - elevator pitch - interaction design
  • ikki workbook - start test - interaction design
  • ikki workbook - edit elevator pitch - interaction design
  • ikki workbook - job interview - interaction design
  • ikki workbook - job interview - visual design elements

Visual design of the Workbook; the dashboard & collage; editing & personalizing test results; one of the assignments:

  • Design of Workbook dashboard - collage that presents the talents personality.
  • Design of psychological tests
  • Design of ikki workbook.